Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Open Letter To My Daughter's About Prince Charming

For my little Leah and sweetheart Selena:

Yes, I've seen it. The sharing of the more-than-he-can-afford engagement ring photos. The wedding photos with matching colors. The extravagant and perfectly choreographed wedding receptions. I've seen them all. I love you enough to tell you what you won't find being shared on social media. I love you enough to tell you about the real Prince Charming:

He may not pull up on a white horse. It might be a beat up old black Honda Civic.

It may not be the proposal talked about in the movies. Instead it might be in his beat up old car when he looks at you and says "You know I love you, right? So, will you marry me?"

He may not pull out a little blue box from Tiffany's. In fact, he may not have a ring for you at all until a week after you marry.

The real Prince Charming will hold you tight as you cry away the loss of a pregnancy.

He may not be Mr. Twinkle Toes on the dance floor. It actually might even resemble something of a drowning cat.

He will tell you how great dinner tasted when you've burned everything your first year of marriage learning how to cook.

He might climb in the shower with you when you're pregnant because he worries about you falling.

He might leave his dirty laundry all over the house for you to pick up.

He may snore so loud at night that you're actually concerned he might suck up his pillow and maybe even yours too.

Prince Charming might have gas so bad that you have vowed to never feed that man chili again. Ever. Seriously, you've thrown out all of the beans in your house.

He might have what's called "Daddy-olepsy" When his bum hits the couch he's out. 

Happily Ever After may come in a tiny package covered in Peanut Butter that calls you "mom"

Prince Charming  might get up early with the kiddos while he lets you sleep off a restless night that entailed soothing a teething baby.

Happily Ever After might be spending your Friday nights in your yoga pants with your family watching a G rated movie drinking apple juice on the couch.

Happily Ever After might come in piles of laundry that need to be washed and folded.

The real Prince Charming will cheer you through every minute of  a 16 hour delivery.

The real Prince Charming will whisper to his new daughter "You have your mother's smile" when he thinks you aren't listening.

He might tell you how great it is to be growing old with you while his hair line is receding and you're lathering on that wrinkle cream!

He will end most nights with an "I love you" or an "I missed you today"

This is a real Prince Charming. This is your Daddy.

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  1. Your blog is awesome. I appreciated the things you had to say today. Found your blog via your fb profile. :)