Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jazz Up Your PEC's Book!

My almost 3 year old daughter was just introduced to the PEC's program. She has taken it and ran with it! We have reached the point of making her a mini PEC's book that she can take out with her and use at pre school. I spent so many hours trying to find cute ideas for her book and didn't find any. I should mention that my daughter is VERY girly. I figured if she had to carry this book with her everywhere that I wanted it to be super cute. So this was what I resorted to!

The materials are simple. Walmart has sheets of duct tape, that's right, duct tape! Located in their craft section. It comes in different designs. I used 2 sheets (1 and a 1/2 really) of duct tape priced at $1.88 a sheet. Ribbon from Hobby lobby. The fat roll that my daughter got a hold of ;) was $2 dollars and the small roll was $1. I like to get my ribbon from hobby lobby because they always have 1/2 off and have a huge selection. The MINI 3 ring binder was bought on Amazon for $5. The velcro you can find in the sewing notions aisle at walmart. I also used matches to burn the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying.
It's pretty self explanatory. Put strips of velcro on the front of the binder so that your kiddo can stick their photo on the front. Glue down the fat ribbon inside the binder so it doesn't slip off when your kiddo is holding this.

Now for the inside pages I am going to go to a craft store and get cute card stock paper and laminate it. I just picked up a Hot and Cold Laminator from Costco for $20! So everyone watch out!!!