Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coupon Code for ID Safety Cuff!!

Ok guys are you ready for this?? The wonderful Katie from TheOwlandTheFirefly (she makes the ID safety cuffs listed in my previous blog post) she gave me a FREE SHIPPING code for you! So now you really have no reason not to get one ;) Coupon Code is: autismspuzzle It's my blog address. So head on over!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stylish Kid's ID Safety Cuff

Well guys, it's about that time when our kiddos head back to school so I wanted to share this little gem with you that I stumbled across. I have seen different variations of these but I must say, I like this one the best. She will custom make them for you to specify allergies, medication and or a Special Need. I tried one out with our son and I will definitely be getting one for our daughter when she starts school. Great for our wandering kiddos!
They are $10 with a $2 shipping fee in the US. Can we say "Freaking Awesome Deal!"?