Friday, June 1, 2012

This is an excellent video on the early signs of Autism done by the Director of the Kennedy Krieger Institute (an affiliate of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore). Well known for their Autism research smile emoticon She shows babies who are developing typically and those who have Autism. Family Doctors and Pediatricians receive ZERO training in Medical School on Autism making it almost impossible for them to catch it early on. They'll often tell you "They look fine!" or the most common "Just wait and see" or my personal favorite "Autism is over diagnosed" (says the man who had no training in Medical school on ASD wink emoticon ) 'Waiting and seeing' is the absolute WORST thing you can do because Behavioral Therapies have the strongest impact on a childs brain before the age of 5. These Doctors don't know this because it's not their field. If you have questions about your child or your family has questions then I highly encourage you to watch this video and share it with those family members or friends that don't understand. (9 minutes) 

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