Thursday, January 26, 2012

Safety Products and Resources For Your Child

Here are a few great links with different products you can purchase for your child. I especially like how # 1 mentions getting your child's fingerprints and DNA on file. I never thought of that. So definitely something we will be doing!


Autism Safety Products: An abundance of different little safety products.

Little Keeper Sleepers
: Do you have a little "Poo-Casso" reeking havoc on your walls? Then this is a helpful site for that ;)

Temporary Toddler Tattoos: Do you have a little Explorer? These tatts can be customized to say "If I am lost, please call ***-***-****" Very reasonable priced as well.

Window/Door Alarms: I bought these from my local Walmart and LOVE them. You can set them to chime or set them to be a constant ring if the door/window is opened. They were $10 for a 2 pack. They are very loud too which is nice!

Child Handle Harness/Leash
: I know that sounds awful but I am unsure of what else to call these. They are fabulous for a little escape artist ;)

Child Tracking Device: This is a great link that has a different variety of inexpensive child tracking devices.

Safety ID Cuffs: These are super stylish! The best I have come across. They are $10 and have a $2 Shipping rate in the US. I have one for my son and will be buying another for my daughter!

Allergy Cuffs: Super duper cute and they even have a Gluten Free cuff! Also very reasonably priced.

 Step2 Kid Alert Safety Sign: This is great for your yard/street when your child is outside playing. Warns drivers in the area to slow down. 


Sensory Processing Disorder Website: I wanted to share this little gem of a website that I came across today. It's a gold mine! It has an abundance of information on Sensory Issues a child might have. It has sensory ideas, things you can try when your child becomes over stimulated.

 Also remember the
Top 3 Causes of Death Amongst Autistic Children:
1) Wandering
2) Drowning
3) Jumping/Falling from heights due to the symptom that many ASD children have of no real fear of heights/danger.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this together! I love being able to find everything I could need for my little guy in one place.