Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marble Letters

DO NOT EVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD UN ATTENDED WITH MARBLES. CHOKING HAZARD (Despite their large size, I am not liable for someone elses lack of good judgment =)

Another fun activity! The possibilities are endless!

-1 bag of flat, clear marbles (dollar store or craft store, Walmarts aren't as clear)
-1 print out of bold Alphabet letters.
-glue stick

For my letters I tabbed twice between each letter and skipped two rows between the letters to give me room to draw a circle around each letter. The text size was 26 and I did capital letters =) Do what works best for your toddler.

Draw a circle around each letter and cut them out.

Rub your glue stick on the front of the letter and then stick it to the bottom of the marble.

-You can spell your toddlers name.
-Spell other words
-Ask them to find the first letter of their name.
-Jumble them up and ask your toddler to put them in order (I only used a few marbles for this one because my son is too young to organize the whole alphabet)

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