Thursday, January 5, 2012

Make Your Own Weighted Blanket

Children with Autism most often have difficulty sleeping at night. Most Autistic children have what's called Sensory Disorder. Which translates into "sensitive to touch" So the slightest thing can wake them in the night. ASD children also lack a chemical in their body called Melatonin. This hormone is what triggers sleep in all of us. Generally most ASD parents will give their child a Melatonin tablet before bed. We also do this and our kiddos sleep wonderfully through the night. You can purchase them at Walmart. They come in strawberry and they dissolve immediately in your child's mouth AND they ARE ALL NATURAL (so completely safe to take). Weighted blankets are also proven to help these children sleep through the night however depending on the weight that your child needs they can cost you anywhere between $50-$200. Think of it like swaddling a baby. A baby will jerk in the night and wake themselves up. A weighted blanket for your child kind of performs the same as a swaddle does for a baby, makes them feel secure and keeps them from jerking in the night. So here is an awesome tutorial on how to make your own! Click on the link below =)

How To Make Your Own Weighted Blanket

I found another fun tutorial (I think I actually like this one better) on Pinterest!

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