Sunday, January 1, 2012

In this clip you will see a couple of things:

Block Stacking: I have these Decor blocks set up and the kids like to take them down and stack them. I saw a similar clip like this and a user commented something along the lines that if you stick a child in a room with blocks he's going to stack them and then we label the child Autistic. One thing that people don't understand is that these children will do this ONE activity ALL day over and over and over again if you don't intervene and draw their attention to something else. Once I stopped recording I had to draw my sons attention to something else or we would've kept stacking.

Nonverbal Communication: My daughters Autism is much more advanced than my sons. My son is VERY high functioning. You'll hear her noises that she makes. She kind of has her own language, she doesn't speak at all. You'll see at one point she brings me her sippy cup and puts it in my hand. That's how she communicates with us.

Lack of Eye Contact: You'll see my daughter doesn't make eye contact and if she does it's for a split second.

My Note to You: **I only post these clips to make it easier for other parents to recognize certain behaviors. However I hope that ALL of the parents that frequent this blog know that once you are set up with services, try to then direct your attention to cultivating their strengths and focus LESS on their weaknesses and what makes them unique from other children. As the wonderful Poem says "If you're busy thinking about how you were supposed to go to Italy, you will miss out on the very special Blessings of being in Holland." **

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